Mental meanderings? More like mental blanks

After thinking up a few good thoughts today – well, they made me smile at the time – my mind is now predictably blank when faced with putting finger to keyboard.

Do thoughts have a natural propensity for shyness or is this nature’s way of ensuring comment is fresh and not fabricated by too much mulling over?

Please share any thoughts that occur to you while you’re trawling through this site, and I promise never to upload anything [else] purely for the sake of it……

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Article by Jane Canaway

British-born, schooled in Holland and Wales, I worked my journalism cadetship in the Home Counties, escaped to London, then spent a couple of years travelling before settling in Melbourne, where I have written and edited for a range of publications, including Pacific Magazines [Your Garden, Home Beautiful, New Idea] and Fairfax Community Newspapers. Now a mother of two wonderful teenagers, I write about gardening, sustainability and people, when I can drag myself away from the vegie patch and my saxophone.

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